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Ten Toxic Cosmetic Chemicals to Avoid

It is absolutely mind boggling when you sit down and actually think about all the chemicals we are exposed to each and every day. Our cosmetics alone are laden with them, let alone the other household and environmental chemicals we come in to contact with on a daily basis. Now I’m not here to preach and tell you to throw out all your cosmetics, but I am here just to enlighten you with the effects of some of these carcinogens that lurk in our cosmetic ingredients lists. 

Ten Toxic Cosmetic Chemicals to Avoid

Most of them you can’t even pronounce! Like BUTYLATED HYDROXYTOLUENE! What a mouthful! This nasty little bugger is an anti-oxidant. It slows down the rate at which product ingredients change in color. However, it also has been labeled an immune system toxicant, endocrine disruptor, probable human carcinogen and animal studies show brain, liver, neurotoxin, reproductive and respiratory toxicant. “What the what????” This info was compiled by a US group, Teens for Safe Cosmetics based on a survey of over 500 American teens, who named the products they were using daily.

Now I’m sorry, but what the hell are these organisations doing that are supposed to stop harmful and toxic ingredients from being added to cosmetics??? Is there such an organisation, because there frikkin should be! It is quite ridiculous! It’s scientifically proven that these chemicals are HARMFUL to humans, and cause an array of health concerns, yet they’re still being used, and people wonder why the average persons health is deteriorating. I suppose this is the world we live in these days! It’s quite sad! Actually extremely sad and disappointing!!!

Anyway, phew! Got me going there for a bit! Enough ‘enraged Taryn’ for now! (lol) Let’s focus more on the positives, like becoming more aware of what is in our products. Actually reading the labels, and determining if we really want these 16 letter long chemi-craps in our bodies.

Hey, if we all become a little more aware, we may purchase them less, and rather be more inclined into supporting companies and brands with products that are natural, cruelty free, and not harmful to our bodies. So, again, I don’t want you to go and throw away all your cosmetics that you’ve worked hard to pay for, I’m simply asking you to be a little more conscious of what you nourish your skin cells with. By adding more plant based natural products and reducing the amount of chemicals, not only will you have peace of mind, but your liver will be super stoked!!!

That is why I have put together this list of toxic cosmetic chemicals for you (with info from the survey mentioned previously), so that you can become more aware of what potentially could be absorbed by your skin. 


Toxic Chemicals

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