Detoxifying Green Juice

Copy of Recipes (3)Yay! Spring has sprung! And while I really did enjoy this Winter, I cannot wait for longer days, afternoon beach walks, refreshing salads and less washing! I don’t know if you can relate, but our washing load doubles in the winter, so I’m very much looking forward to wearing (and washing) less clothing. Another thing I’m craving is to be barefoot more. To feel the earth beneath my feet, without my toes freezing off! Can’t wait! 

To toast the beginning of Spring, I decided to make a Detoxifying Green Juice recipe to begin the new season with a clean fresh start. It’s always a good time to reflect, reset and restart. After a cosy Winter, Spring (for me) is a time for increased activity and energy and what better way to achieve that then by feeling your best. I find detoxes so clarifying, and although difficult, I do feel amazing after them and I know I’ve done such good for my body. Continue reading

Vitalizing Beetroot Juice

Move over energy drinks, nature has a kick-ass alternative that”ll blow your mind! Beetroot juice, yup!!! Hardy, earthy beetroot juice.

Sportsmen and women all over the world are slowly figuring out the amazing effects of beetroot juice, and they massive impact it has while exercising. Beside the effect a plant-based, natural diet has on performance, studies have shown that beetroot juice has an amazing effect that boosts energy and thus performance.

Vitalizing Beetroot Juice

So why does beetroot have these amazing benefits?

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