Natural Homemade Deodorant

One thing I am so passionate about is natural deodorant, and have converted a fair few people to using alternative natural deodorants as opposed to main stream ones. Embracing natural beauty and all it has to offer, is so exciting and quite liberating when you begin to realize how much less your exposing your cells to. 

This post is all about the Natural Homemade Deodorant I make and have been making for the last 4-5 years. Tried and tested over and over again, it really is my go to deodorant choice – one that I know works so well, only has a handful of ingredients and is so incredibly affordable.  Continue reading

Chunky Hummus

A plant based diet is slowly being recognized as the way forward, which is so exciting! As more and more people feel the benefits from eating this way, less are looking back at their ‘old ways’. Now one of the main things we as plant based eaters get asked constantly, over and over and over again, is “Where do you get your protein from? Are you eating enough?” I chuckle and remain nonchalant. The truth is, yes protein is essential for our health and for our body to thrive as it is the building blocks of every cell in our body, yet over the years, the big shots in control of the ‘RDA’ stats have blown the requirements of protein way out of proportion. Be that as it may, and before I go on a tangent about protein requirements, I have a delicious recipe for a chunky hummus, that is loaded with plant based protein, and is a staple in most ‘plant based thrivers’ kitchens.

Chunky Hummus

This recipe is super easy, and I’m always so surprised at how much hummus you can make with one can of chickpeas. In an ideal world, I would have soaked and cooked my own chickpeas, but in reality, “Ain’t nobody got time for dat” 🙂 Continue reading