Savory Flax Crackers

Copy of Recipes (3)Healthy snacks are a great addition to any diet. Be it low carb, high carb, paleo, vegan or whatever you choose, healthy snacks are perfect to curb hunger and cravings throughout the day.

They also give you a great nutritional boost which is always a good thing. The more nutrients the better! As I like to get all my nutrition and nutrients from the food I eat, so the more I can get, the better! One particular healthy snack ingredient is flax!

I’m a huge fan of flax. Be it ground or whole, flax is so versatile and is always a staple in my pantry. I generally use ground flax, and am careful to keep it in the fridge in an airtight container after opening to avoid rancidity. Continue reading

Purple Protein Smoothie Bowl

Copy of RecipesRecently I’ve been reflecting on this blog, and analyzing how it makes me feel. I absolutely love sharing health and wellness content with my growing community. It inspires me to no end, and I feel such a sense of gratitude that I am able to.

Wellness with Taryn has become such a special part of my life, and there is so much more juicy stuff to come. Today I’d like to share with you this delicious Purple Protein Smoothie Bowl recipe which I’m sure you’re going to love!

All the recipes and foods that I create come from a place of love. Love for my body, love for health and love for this earth.

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Berrylicious Chocolate Smoothie

I absolutely love how versatile frozen berries are. They’re a must in every health conscious person’s freezer, as you can whip them into something delicious, in a short space of time.

For me, I love how they transform a regular chocolate smoothie into a drink bursting with flavor.

Berrylicious Chocolate Smoothie

This smoothie is a quick and delicious treat, as a mid-morning or afternoon snack to raise energy levels, and to satisfy a sweet tooth.

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Poached Egg on Toast

This is a super tasty breakfast option. I feel that, to step out of the routine of making cereals and porridge for breakfast, savory plates are such a treat.

WWT-30So I do, on the occasion, chomp an eggie or two. I really do enjoy the taste of eggs, and the effect they have in my body. When I eat them, my body is happy, and that’s what we all want, right?

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Spatone Liquid Iron Supplements

” Iron is an essential mineral for the human body, required to transport oxygen around your body and ensure vitality and energy release. Iron also plays a key role in helping to maintain good health” Spatone Box

WWT -2The thing I love about this product is that it’s 100% natural. As it states on the box “It’s simply iron-rich water straight from the source”

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Fresh Green Juice

So I know that this drink may look absolutely shocking, and most wouldn’t even dare putting it past their lips, but you cannot judge what you’ve never tried. It really is light, so refreshing and energizing.

WWT -19
The benefits of green (and other vegetable juices) are endless. Firstly, you’ll need to have a juicer in order to make green juices, and this juicer extracts the liquid from your fruits and veggies and removes all the fiber. Continue reading

Almond Biscuits

On this wonderful journey to wellness, I’ve spent a lot of time in the kitchen. Making new things, trying out new recipes, and really being creative with my food. I unveiled a passion for creating delicious, tasty and super healthy recipes.

Through this blog I will share all my hints and tips, for living healthy on a budget, and this is a great recipe to kick off with.

Almond Biscuits

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