Vegan Tofu Scramble

Copy of Recipes (2)Well! I’ll start this blog off by saying it’s been a rather intense week! While I’m super excited to share this Vegan Tofu Scramble recipe with you, I’ll give you my brief summary of my experience of the recent earthquake/s.

If you haven’t heard already, New Zealand had a 7.8 Earthquake at a little past 12am early Monday morning. I awoke abruptly to Nick shaking me and instantly I knew what was going on. The earth was moving. Our whole house was shaking, and so vigorously that the water in the toilet was loudly swishing from side to side. Instant panic mode!

My first instinct was to run outside, yet in my fumbled orientation, I actually didn’t know what to do. And then the electricity went out, all was black, frightening! We experienced one last real jolt, and then it simmered down. We later learnt that the quake went on for around 2mins, which is a freaking long time when you’re in a situation like that.  Continue reading

Finding my Sense of Purpose

I’m finally beginning to feel normal! For those of you who aren’t aware, my partner and I have recently immigrated from South Africa to New Zealand. Through this transition period I’ve been feeling like I’ve lost my sense of purpose. Without having a daily routine, a full time job, or a list of things to do each day, I’ve felt rather lost. Now, don’t get me wrong, the excitement and gratitude is over flowing, and this is one of the most magical countries I’ve ever been in, but it has been hard. This little space of mine (, on the extensive interwebs, has kept me going and I am forever grateful. Wellness with Taryn has been my focus point,  a place where I can be myself, and have some sort of purpose. I thank each and every one for supporting this special place, that is so dear to my heart. My passion for health and wellness is my driving force these days! And it truly is amazing 🙂

Finding my Sense of Purpose

I decided to make a small change, to find a routine, and it was through this small change, did things begin to feel right and I began to feel like myself again. I sat last night, before I went to bed, and wrote down exactly how I wanted this day to unfold, including my early rise and yoga practice. Continue reading