My Go-To, Clean and Green Living Top 7 products

I see myself as an evolving naturalist, trying to keep living as simple as possible. Within saying that, I choose to use natural alternatives in every day living.

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Earth Friendly Body, Home and Living Products (Ecostore Product Review)

When you start becoming aware of what your putting in your body, you’ll begin to take a closer look at what your putting on your body and what products you use around your home. Once I started doing a bit of research into what effects these unpronounceable ingredients have on our bodies and our environment, my eyes grew big and I actually had to take a moment. How can a society be using these toxic and harmful ingredients in so many commonly used products. It definitely warped my mind.


So with this new found knowledge I decided to clean out all my toxic chemical laden beauty, bath and home products. I urge you to have a peruse through yours, and become aware of all the chemicals you are coming into contact with on a daily basis. So out with the old and in with the new. Where to begin???

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