Blueberry Chickpea Flour Pancakes

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Sunday 31 July marks the 5th year I’ve been living thriving  with Type 1 Diabetes (My Diaversary). It seems like just the other day I was embarking on my wellness journey, after being admitted into ICU and subsequently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. What a journey it has been!

Although here I discuss my condition and while it is a serious subject, I wanted to balance this post by sharing this celebratory Blueberry Chickpea Flour Pancake recipe, that is truly so delicious!!!

These 5 years have been so full! Full of learning, full of managing, full of adapting, full of growing, full of life! Each day has unfolded with new challenges, which in turn have allowed me to grow so much! And for the most part I think this is evident in life, when you’re constantly evolving, shifting. From one space in time to the next. It truly is an incredible process.  Continue reading

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Blueberry Chia Pudding

Chia seeds are so awesome! I love them and they’re always a staple in my pantry. There’s just so much you can do with them, and the health benefits are incredible. It’s crazy to think that so much goodness can fit in such a tiny little seed. That’s mother nature for you! 

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This recipe is so so simple, it’s ridiculous! Now, granted if you’re new to the magical world of chia seeds, the texture is a little different, and for some, takes some getting used to. Continue reading

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Blueberry Bubblegum Smoothie

One of the many things I love about starting our new life in New Zealand, is discovering all the new foods, like the Feijoa fruit. They are an evergreen, perennial shrub that is typically grown as a fruiting tree. You can spot them in many people’s gardens here in Nelson, New Zealand. So I managed to get a bag of them, and before they turned I decided to freeze them. I added them in a smoothie and created this delicious concoction.

The feijoa fruit are oval in shape and roughly 80mm long and a dull green color. The skin is thin and in the middle is a mass of translucent jelly-like pulp with small soft seeds. Continue reading

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