Beetroot Coconut Ice

Copy of Recipes (4)I set myself a challenge with this recipe. That challenge was to create something delicious out of the ingredients I already had. No additional purchases. Just make do with what I had in the kitchen.

So, with inspiration and creativity flowing, this Beetroot Coconut Ice Recipe was created. My hope is that you also have similar ingredients in your kitchen to create this recipe, and if not, then to use your imagination and have fun creating something with what you have already.

My mentality and drive behind this recipe, was being so grateful that I actually have all the ingredients I need to create something nutritious and delicious. Being grateful that I just need to turn to my kitchen to find what I need to use my imagination and creative juices to make something yum.  Continue reading

Vitalizing Beetroot Juice

Move over energy drinks, nature has a kick-ass alternative that”ll blow your mind! Beetroot juice, yup!!! Hardy, earthy beetroot juice.

Sportsmen and women all over the world are slowly figuring out the amazing effects of beetroot juice, and they massive impact it has while exercising. Beside the effect a plant-based, natural diet has on performance, studies have shown that beetroot juice has an amazing effect that boosts energy and thus performance.

Vitalizing Beetroot Juice

So why does beetroot have these amazing benefits?

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