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Mixed Seed Crackers

So, while the rest of South Africa is going ‘Real Meal Revolution’ mad, I thought I’d add my contribution to the’ banting’ masses and try and whip up a HFLC gluten-free cracker. Boy oh boy, did I succeed!!!

Mixed Seed Crackers

With only a handful of ingredients, and really such an easy assembly, this is one of my easiest, and oh so tasty recipes. If you are choosing to avoid gluten at all costs, then this is a great recipe for you.

I absolutely love the taste of baked seeds, especially sunflower seeds. When baked, they produce such a savory delicious flavor, and combined with the pumpkin and linseed’s, you create a 3 dimension seedy flavor.


I like to buy bulk packs of mixed seeds. You can normally find these at your local health shop, nut shop,or Dischem. They are such a healthy and affordable ingredient, which is perfect if your counting pennies.


Benefits of Seeds

Seeds are the “eggs” that contain the nutrients needed to nourish the growth of a new plant. So their high nutrient content shouldn’t come as a surprise. What’s surprising is that we generally relegate these nutritional wonders to the occasional snack rather than making them staples of our diet.


With their gold mine of healthy minerals and their niacin and folic-acid contents, seeds are an excellent nutrition package. They are among the better plant sources of iron and zinc. In fact, one ounce of pumpkin seeds contains almost twice as much iron as three ounces of skinless chicken breast. And they provide more fiber per ounce than nuts. They are also good sources of protein.


Sesame seeds are a surprising source of the bone-building mineral calcium, great news for folks who have trouble tolerating dairy products. And seeds are a rich source of vitamin E. The only drawback: Some seeds are quite high in fat. Sunflower and sesame seeds provide about 80 percent of their calories as fat, although the fat is mostly of the heart-smart unsaturated variety.

Source: Click here

Seeds really are so versatile, and can be used in so many ways including – sprinkled over cereals, stir fry’s, in trail mixes, in homemade muesli, in baking, by themselves, decorating breads, and a bunch more handy uses.

Be sure that when you buy your seeds, you check the date, and that they are fresh. Seeds tend to go stale quite quickly. Because of their high fat content, seeds are vulnerable to rancidity, so make sure your are as fresh as possible.


Benefits of Psyllium Husk

  • Promotes regularity and growth of your healthy gut bacteria
  • Provides heart-healthy soluble fiber
  • Helps with occasional constipation

Psyllium husk contains soluble fiber that can propel food, sugars, cholesterol and fats cleanly through your digestive tract. Importantly, soluble fiber can contribute beneficially to your heart health. It also contains insoluble fiber that may act as a bulking agent to support your digestive regularity and to move food quickly through your colon.



  • 200g-300g Mixed Seeds ( Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Linseeds)
  • 2 TBS Psyllium Husks
  • 1/2 tsp Crushed Garlic (add more if you LOVE garlic)
  • 1/4 tsp Pink Himalayan Salt
  • 1/4 tsp Paprika
  • 1/4 tsp Mixed Herbs
  • Grind or Two of Fresh Black Pepper
  • 500ml Filtered water
  • Dash of Chilli Flakes (Optional)



Firstly, you want to preheat your oven to 180. Lightly oil your flat baking tray with some coconut or olive oil.

Add the psyllium husks to a mixing bowl, and gradually add the water until you get a thick, slightly gooey mixture.

Add the remaining ingredients and mix thoroughly.

Spread the mixture out as even and thin as possible, without it separating. I used an ordinary kitchen butter knife to help spread it out.

Bake for about 30 mins, rotating accordingly.

What i did to ensure the crackers were nice a crisp and not soggy is I took the tray out after about 30 mins, and broke the cracker sheet into portions, and popped back into the oven for a further 20 mins or so.

You can also leave them in a warm oven overnight to further dehydrate.

Alternatively you can use a dehydrator if your lucky enough to have one, and once cooled ,store in an air tight container.

Serve with a spread of your choice, in this case I used hummus.








Such a simple recipe that takes about 5 mins to assemble. It’s great for lunches, snacks and entertaining. Super healthy, super easy and super tasty.





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18 thoughts on “Mixed Seed Crackers

  1. Thank you for this.
    I discovered your blog today.
    I’m 100% gluten-free due to intolerance of gluten. Also yeast-free and sugar-free .
    I found similar crackers to these at woolworths for R30 for 8. Ouch. They are good though.

    I’m going to try this recipe.

    Thanks again

    1. Hi Bonnie
      Thanks so much for your comment, and you are most welcome 🙂 I’m sure you’ll love them, and they’re so versatile so feel free to add any additional flavorings that suit your palette. Ouch! That is rather costly! These are much more budget friendly 🙂 And there’s always something much more rewarding about homemade food, don’t you think?
      Taryn Xxx

  2. Definitely more rewarding!
    Have you had any success or tried any recipes for a gluten-free yeast-free bread?
    Would love to know if you have!

  3. Hi Taryn!

    I love this recipe, have made it about 4 times now and love it every time!
    I tried something new today, blitzed the mixture in my nutribulllet , will let you know how that turns out. It has a much denser consistency – like a thick paste.

    Cheers, Mich

    1. Hi Michelle

      Thank you so much for your comment. I’m so glad you enjoy the Mixed seed cracker recipe! It’s one of my favorites too! I’m dying to know how the Nutribullet concoction turned out 😉

      Taryn Xxx

    1. Hi Esther
      Wonderful! I do hope you enjoyed them! And remember this recipe is so versatile and leaves room to play around and add flavors that you love.

  4. Hi Taryn,
    I also only discovered your blog & recipe today! Somehow got here from Crush-online-magazine!
    I’ve been looking for exactly this easy recipe for ages, thank you!
    2 questions, I love Marmite, do you think I could put some in or even use “Marmite tea” cooled down, instead of water? I LOVE drinking that!
    Also, how would I know if the seeds are going rancid? I have had mine for quite a while now. Do they smell funny or what?
    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Lez,

      Thanks so much for your comment. You could definitely spread some Marmite to these crackers. They’re so versatile so you could literally spread what ever you fancy on them. They make for a great mid morning or afternoon snack.
      I tend to keep my nuts and seeds in the fridge, as this keeps them fresher for longer, but if you give your jar of seeds a sniff, you’ll know if they’re passed there ‘use-by’ date if they smell musty or a little moldy. Best to use fresh seeds for this recipe. I hope this helps and answers your questions.
      Taryn Xxx

  5. Thank you for the seed cracker recipe. i added a cup grated hard cheese, and it was so divine. I also used golden linseed flour instead of linseeds. I am thinking of grinding seeds more, cos I don’t think I digest them so well whole.

    1. Hi Veronica

      Thank you so much for your comment, and you’re very welcome. I’m so glad you enjoyed the recipe and I love that you added ingredients that you love. It’s great when recipes can be versatile to suit your palate. Yes, golden flaxseeds are amazing in crackers and I would use ground ones too if I made the recipe again. You’re very correct by grinding the seeds for maximum absorption. It’d make for a more dense cracker. So delicious!


  6. Hi Taryn

    Thank you for the recipe – so simple! Just tried it and success the first time, yay! Been on my list for such a long time. So nice to find SA recipes too 😀

    1. Hi Talita
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment, and so glad you loved the recipe! There’s also a really tasty healthy Milk Tart on the blog which you should try! #proudlysouthafrican 😉

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