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Pelorus Bridge Camping Adventure

While I love sharing my healthy recipes on the blog, I also like to share tidbits of my life including the beautiful places we adventure to. This week I wanted to share our recent camping adventure to Pelorus Bridge Scenic Reserve. Taking photographs of the delicious recipes created for this blog is so rewarding. However, I also have so much fun capturing the beauty of nature, especially in this magical country.

For this getaway, I decided to bring the camera with and collect a couple of images of our various walks around the area. It was a glorious and hot summers day, and there was heaps of visitors at the Pelorus Bridge jumping off the rocks and swimming below. The sense of excitement immediately evolved, as I recalled childhood memories of playing and tubing down rivers with friends.

Personally, I think it’s so important to return back to those childhood memories and find practices in your life to revisit and re-experience them. I love finding the fun in each experience, and getting thrilled at the adventure, like I once did when I was a little girl. It’s these blissful feelings that, I believe, can be so healing and can be a perfect way to remove yourself from the stresses of life and focus on the fun.

I still feel like a kid most times, and will continue to hold onto that for as long as possible. It helps to keep me positive in a way, and unattached from situations that I could easily sit and stress about – creating unneeded discomfort in my body and in my life.

So let me share the beauty that we encountered on this little getaway, while I have an early Enigma album trickling into my ears – that in itself brings back SO many memories from growing up!

Pelorus Bridge Scenic Reserve

We arrived at the campsite, unpacked and set up the tent. We’re getting pretty good at setting everything up pretty quickly now, which makes a difference to the first time we unpacked the tent (straight from the box) and took about an hour to figure out how it was assembled. Such camping amateurs we were, but we’ve come pretty far and soon we’ll master it!

Once we were all set up we decided to head off on the first track (Circle Walk), as we only went for one night, we wanted to fit everything in. The first walk was along the suspension bridge, and around the side of the Rai River. This looped through a pocket of forest and around back to where the two rivers join (the Rai and the Pelorus). Then along a number of exposed tree roots, which were so whimsical, and back across the suspension bridge.

It took around 45mins and was such fun! The first little forest we walked through was so beautiful, calm and serene – with little curtains of sunlight shining through the greenery. Magical!

The color of the rivers are just out of this world! Think of the clearest waters you’ve ever seen, and even then – these are probably clearer. Just so incredibly stunning. Nick and I swam in the river closer to the campsite and it was one of the most amazing swims we’ve had – ever! The water temperature was perfect, the clear waters and the refreshing feeling afterwards, it was just so perfect! We hardly got munched by sandflies either which was wonderful!

For those who don’t now, sandflies are hideous tiny little fly-type-‘nunu’s’ that have an insatiable taste for human blood. When they bite, they bite hard and leave behind an itchy bite from hell that’ll leave you relentlessly itching for days! So the fact that this trip they were few and far between, was a blessing!

The swimming spots along this river are just so epic! We saw kayakers and loads of kids (and adults) with tubes, tubing down the river. Next time I’ll definitely be bringing a tube!

We also did a few of the short walks around the campsite, along with the Elvy Waterfalls Track walk. This walk took us along the river banks, through the forest to two waterfalls. It took around 2hours, and was also so beautiful. I decided not to bring the camera along with this walk and just absorbed all the beauty it had to offer. It truly is incredible how soul soothing nature can be, and how it can take you so far away, and bring you back clearer and more present than ever before.

Back to the campsite, we went for another swim and settled down to make dinner and relax. The campsite itself is so lovely. The amenities were so neat, tidy and clean! The have a big kitchen area with basins, tables and even gas stoves. Along with warm water showers and even a clothes washing area, with coin operated washing machines, and an area where you can hand wash your clothes if you’re staying for an extended period of time. What more could you need?

I absolutely love adventuring in New Zealand, and as I’ve said again and again – we are so incredibly grateful to be here! More than words can describe!

I do hope you enjoyed this little adventure re-cap. We had a great time, even if it was only a short one – it was needed and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

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2 thoughts on “Pelorus Bridge Camping Adventure

  1. Damn! You are constantly reminding me that I need to hurry up and visit New Zealand. So much beauty! And I know what you mean about the tent thing – the first time setting it up always takes so long, but then in no time you become pros! Keep adventuring and creating good eats! Always love reading your posts. 🙂

    1. Hi Nicole

      Thanks so much for such a lovely comment! And I’m so so so glad you enjoy the blog – it’s great to know people actually do read my musings ☺️
      New Zealand is so stunning – so lucky to be here, and yes! You need to visit soon!
      Camping is such fun! And yes, will hopefully master the setup in the future.
      Again, thanks so much and look forward to seeing more of your delicious creations too!!! Love love love your blog!

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