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Gone But Never Forgotten

I find so much happiness in inspiration, and when I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, and began my path to Wellness, my search for happiness and inspiration begun.


From the beginning, the girls for Healthtalks were my beacons, my shining lights in the distance. They gave me hope and I found comfort in them and the inspiring information they were sharing about health and wellness.

Beautiful Jessica Ainscough was one of these lovely ladies, and I instantly found a connection with her. She was one that I could relate too. Although she was thriving with Cancer, and not Diabetes, she still became one of my greatest inspirations, and helped me in so so many ways.

With the daunting reality of my massive lifestyle change, Jess allowed me to realize this was not a time for stress or negativity, but rather positivity, personal growth, and most of all wellness. I made the firm decision to take my health into my own hands, and take charge of my life. Jess helped me through this.

She was more than just inspiration, she was a beaming light of hope and assurance that wellness is possible, no matter what card you’re dealt with in life. That through dark times, blooms bright days filled with love an color.

Hearing Jess’s passing was heartbreaking. As she has pretty much been with me, virtually, from the beginning of my diagnoses and transition to wellness, I felt as if I’ve lost a close friend.

I’ve spent the last couple days coming to terms with this, and patiently working through so many emotions I have been feeling, and just letting them flow. It was just such a reality shock! Like Jess, I too am living with a chronic illness. One day I too shall pass. This scares me, but also has inspired me. To live life! Each and every day! To the absolute fullest! I just don’t want to ever feel that I have wasted any time on unnecessary situations or feelings that aren’t serving me or my happiness.

Jess was a true Wellness Warrior. I adored her natural beauty and natural approach to life. I absolutely loved all that she had to share with her followers, and I am thankful for all she did. I was truly #blessedbyjess.

May you dance and shine brightly in heaven beautiful Jess. Although you are gone, you will never be forgotten and your legacy will live on, forever! For all that you were, I thank you 🙂

All my Love

Taryn Xxx


Be Kind. Be Brave. Be Well. 

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