CauliRice Tabbouleh Bowl

These days, with all the hype around the whirlwind of different diets/eating plans/lifestyle guides/’what-ever-you-want-to-call-them‘, it’s hard for me to keep up, let alone the person who’s tilting towards a healthier lifestyle and looking for a helpful guide. From vegan to raw vegan to vegetarian to paleo to banting to 80/10/10 to Raw til 4, this list carries on and on. Whether you’re looking for a diet that suits a gluten intolerance, or are seriously considering refraining from eating animals, there are so many inspiring people out there with bucket of knowledge and helpful advice to suit your specific requirements. What I encourage my clients is to find what feels right for their body. Get to know yourself, and how certain foods react with you. Find what feels good. I promote plant based lifestyle that is free from refined sugar, gluten and processed foods. Keeping it natural and nutritious

CauliRice Tabbouleh Bowl

With that being said, I created this delicious dish, that is my take on the traditional Tabbouleh. This one, however, is grain and gluten free, accommodating those with gluten intolerance, paleo diets as well as the banting masses. Continue reading

Vegan Cauliflower Cheese

Yum! Yum! Yum! I seriously cannot get enough of this dish! I’ve always been fond of cauliflower, and these days there is so much you can do with it. From cauli-rice to cauli-pizza bases, the possibilities are endless with this versatile cruciferous vegetable. I remember growing up, whenever we had a roast dinner (blegh) my mum would make her famous Cauliflower Cheese. She made it so well and it was always a hit on the dinner table. So, I decided to try and replicate her dish, by giving it a healthy, vegan twist to satisfy my cravings.

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I absolutely love it when recipes just work! And this one really really does! It is so delicious! The star of this dish is the ‘cheese’ sauce, and the main ingredient that stands out the most is the nutritional yeast. Nutritional yeast is a pure strain of yeast that adds a cheesy and nutty flavor to vegan and vegetarian dishes. Continue reading

Coconut Brown Rice Bowl & Avocado a La Creme Dressing

Copy of Recipes (11)I was so ‘over-the-moon happy’ when I experimented with making this rice dish, as it turned out so damn tasty! If you’re new to healthy eating, you’ll agree that sometimes brown rice can taste a bit bland and husky.  I decided to mix things up a bit and see if I could make brown rice more palatable to those who aren’t used to it. I, myself, absolutely love the taste of brown rice, but I know for some it can be difficult to change and adapt to healthy eating, and so I’m here to make it that much easier for you ­čÖé

Okay, so the trick with this dish, as you may have already guessed, is the coconut rice. I achieved this by slowly cooking brown rice with half quantities of water and coconut cream. Granted I did use a rice cooker, but slow cooked on a stove top will also work fine. Continue reading

Vegan Butternut Soup

As winter slowly creeps around the corner, the body calls for warmer dishes. Food that warms the tum! Leaving you feeling toasty and satisfied. What better dish to satisfy that craving than a healthy, delicious pot of soup.


The great thing about soups, is that you can use up all your left over bits and bobs floating around in your veggie draw. It all comes together so wonderfully, despite what you may chuck in. You can never go wrong with soup! Continue reading

Vegan Tomato Sauce & G/F Pasta

As a lot of you already know, gluten is quite the enemy these days in the eyes of the health and wellness industry. A massive majority of the worlds population are gluten intolerant and many people are using their best efforts to expel gluten from their diets. Now if you’re a die hard pasta fan, and are gluten sensitive, do not dispare! I am here to tell you there are delicious alternatives, like this delicious recipe below. This recipe is also vegan friendly, so no animals were harmed ­čÖé

So, what is gluten? and how do I know if I am sensitive to it? Let’s dive in! Continue reading

Marinated Kale and Mushroom Salad

So this recipe is the perfect way to pump up the alkalinity in your diet, with help from one of my biggest friends in the business, Kale. With kale being a primary ingredient, your assured to get a blast of nutrients from this powerhouse green leafy vegetable. I LOVE the fact that it’s pretty simply, and that you kinda get involved with the kale ­čśë

 Now kale can be tricky to work with, as it’s quite a hardy vegetable. That is why this recipe calls for marinating your kale, allowing it to soften so that you end up with this delicious end result.

Continue reading

Butter Bean Patties

These patties are so quick and easy, and are always a perfect option if you’re not in the mood to be in the kitchen for too long. It involves a little grating, chopping, squishing, mixing, lightly frying or baking, and that’s pretty much it.

I’ve been using this recipe for so long now, and the great thing about it is that it is quite versatile, so you can pretty much throw in what you like.  Continue reading

Grilled Aubergine Stack

I’ve decided to start a Throw-Back-Thursday section to my blog, where I’ll post some recipes and other content from ‘back-in-the-day’. I’ve decided to share this recipe with you, which is one of my earliest entries.

Grilled Aubergine Stack

I love love love aubergines, or as we call them back in South Africa ‘Bringals’. They are quite versatile and can be used to make vegetable lasagna, are the main ingredient in the middle eastern baba ganoush, and make perfect additions to any roast vegetable dish. 

Continue reading

Quinoa and Kidney Bean Burger Patties

Who doesn’t love tucking into a huge, delicious and satisfying burger? Well these patties are vegan & vegetarian friendly, are super healthy and so so tasty!

Quinoa and Kidney Bean Burger Patties

With only a few ingredients, these patties are great for a tight budget. Surprisingly the ingredients bind really really well (even with no egg or egg substitute), so there’s no fuss of patties falling apart, which, let’s be honest, can sometimes be so annoying! Continue reading

Roasted Turmeric Cauliflower and Kale Salad

Cruciferous vegetables play an important role in a plant based diet. They are packed full of nutrients that nourish your body. They are super high in phytochemicals, vitamin A, carotenoids, vitamin C, folic acid, and fiber. Their unusually high content of vitamin C and manganese explain their growing reputation as an antioxidant vegetable group.

Roasted Turmeric Cauliflower and Kale Salad

This salad is a perfect way to combine two powerhouse cruciferous vegetables – kale and cauliflower. With a slight heat from the cauliflower to compliment the zestyness of the massaged kale, this salad is definitely a winner! It’s a perfect detox option as it’s quite light, yet super fulling.┬á Continue reading

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