Chickpea Masala Curry

If there’s one way to warm the body (and belly), it’s with a bowl of delicious, comforting curry. Depending on the blend of spices you buy, your options for flavor are pretty limitless. Curries and warming stews tend to become rather frequent in the colder winter months, and I like to try a variety of spice blends, to mix things up and find new favorites. This recipe quickly became one of those favorites, so I’d love to share it with you.

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Cable Bay Adventure

Recipes (10)We are so incredibly blessed to live in such an amazing part of this country. New Zealand truly does have beauty that I had never even imagined!

Every corner on a road trip leads to even more breathtaking and visually tantalizing areas that really are such a treat for my eyes! I really am so grateful!!!! This adventure to Cable Bay was just that!
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Banana Breakfast Oats

Breakfast has to be one of my favorite meals of the day! And I’ll admit, I am such a creature of habit, and tend to have a handful of breakfast recipes which I juggle and alternate from. Obviously making them each unique with various different toppings, or what ever is in hands reach in the cupboard. Now, in South Africa I used to frequently buy gluten (wheat) free oats, but am battling to find them here in Nelson. I don’t have a gluten sensitivity, but I choose not to eat gluten containing foods often as I know the health implications. That being said my diet is pretty much gluten free, aside from oats (organic) every now and then. This breakfast oats recipe is one of my all time favorites!!!

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Black Bean Peanut Butter Brownies

Oh! My! Goodness! Who knew you could create the most amazing textured, gooey brownies with … wait for it … BLACK BEANS!!!!! It’s insane! But soooooo good!!!! Now I must say, I am definitely one for trying out crazy combinations and crazy ingredients, and this one just hit the nail on the head! This could be, possibly, one of my favorite recipes to date! Yes, it’s that good!

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Call me crazy, but I get so excited when I discover new and brilliant uses for simple ingredients, such as black beans. From adding beetroot and other root vegetables to healthy treats, to using frozen bananas to create the most creamiest delicious (dairy free and sugar free) ice cream, to using the water in canned chickpeas for making vegan ‘whipped cream’  seems like total madness, but it works!!!! Continue reading

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7 Day Distance Healing (Reiki)

Just before I left South Africa, my Mom started her Reiki course with Colleen at Midlands House of Healing. She was so incredibly excited and so passionate about what she was learning, and has now achieved her Reiki 2. I am so incredibly proud of her, as well as inspired! It’s such bliss seeing someone follow their passion and healing path in life! I always knew my mom would be a healer, ever since I was young and watched her easily go through 30 day detoxes, sprinkle a million nuts and seeds all over her salads and make weird tea out of alien looking fleshy creatures (kombucha scoby). I always knew she’d head along a healing path in life. 

7 Day Distance Healing (Reiki) 1

I am now more aware and knowledgeable of what she practiced, and have too fallen in love with kombucha tea 🙂 (apple doesn’t fall far from the tree). So, knowing my Mom was blissfully flowing through her course, I had to find out more about her teacher, Colleen, who she spoke so highly of. And that is where my 7 Day Distance Healing comes into the picture. Continue reading

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Vegan Lentil Stew

If there’s one thing that I absolutely love about Winter it would be warming nourishing evening meals. I find it so comforting to have a belly full of good, nutritious, warm food in the midst of a Winter’s eve. It’s such a good way to get the body temperature up 🙂 It’s kinda like cardio for your gut (lol). Get’s it all nice and warm, without the crunches. This Vegan Lentil Stew most certainly will warm you up.

Vegan Lentil Stew 1

Along with being incredibly nutritious, this dish is also super satisfying, leaving you feeling somewhat complete. It’s the kind of dish that leaves your palette on a high of flavor. Knowing that you really want just a tiny bit more, but knowing that you probably shouldn’t!  Continue reading

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Ten Toxic Cosmetic Chemicals to Avoid

It is absolutely mind boggling when you sit down and actually think about all the chemicals we are exposed to each and every day. Our cosmetics alone are laden with them, let alone the other household and environmental chemicals we come in to contact with on a daily basis. Now I’m not here to preach and tell you to throw out all your cosmetics, but I am here just to enlighten you with the effects of some of these carcinogens that lurk in our cosmetic ingredients lists. 

Ten Toxic Cosmetic Chemicals to Avoid

Most of them you can’t even pronounce! Like BUTYLATED HYDROXYTOLUENE! What a mouthful! This nasty little bugger is an anti-oxidant. It slows down the rate at which product ingredients change in color. Continue reading

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