Picton Road Trip Adventure

OPicton Adventure n the weekend, Nick and I were invited to join some friends on a road trip adventure to Picton, which is a town in the Marlborough region of New Zealand. Picton is also the town where you can hop on a ferry to Wellington, and travel through the Cook Strait and Queen Charlotte Sound. It is such a quaint little town, and the view of all the surrounding little islands along the way is breathtaking!!!


We were so lucky enough to be able to stop along the way, to forage for wild banana passion fruit, which are absolutely delicious! One stretch of the road was laden with vines, with the most beautiful bright pink flowers. Definitely a treat!  Continue reading

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Vegan Butternut Soup

As winter slowly creeps around the corner, the body calls for warmer dishes. Food that warms the tum! Leaving you feeling toasty and satisfied. What better dish to satisfy that craving than a healthy, delicious pot of soup.


The great thing about soups, is that you can use up all your left over bits and bobs floating around in your veggie draw. It all comes together so wonderfully, despite what you may chuck in. You can never go wrong with soup! Continue reading

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Blueberry Chia Pudding

Chia seeds are so awesome! I love them and they’re always a staple in my pantry. There’s just so much you can do with them, and the health benefits are incredible. It’s crazy to think that so much goodness can fit in such a tiny little seed. That’s mother nature for you! 

Recipes (2)

This recipe is so so simple, it’s ridiculous! Now, granted if you’re new to the magical world of chia seeds, the texture is a little different, and for some, takes some getting used to. Continue reading

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Maitai River Adventure

Nick and I decided to go on one of the Edible Walks the Nelson City Council are encouraging people to try. We took a stroll to Branford Park, and walked along the Maitai River

We found a group of fruit trees, but none of them were bearing fruit at this time of year. That didn’t stop our adventure though! We carried on, up the river, and at the bridge turned and made our way back down the opposite side of the Maitai River. 

If you are in Nelson, I’d highly recommend this walk. It’s a super easy walk and so incredible beautiful, especially at this time of year. Continue reading

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Blueberry Bubblegum Smoothie

One of the many things I love about starting our new life in New Zealand, is discovering all the new foods, like the Feijoa fruit. They are an evergreen, perennial shrub that is typically grown as a fruiting tree. You can spot them in many people’s gardens here in Nelson, New Zealand. So I managed to get a bag of them, and before they turned I decided to freeze them. I added them in a smoothie and created this delicious concoction.

The feijoa fruit are oval in shape and roughly 80mm long and a dull green color. The skin is thin and in the middle is a mass of translucent jelly-like pulp with small soft seeds. Continue reading

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Vegan Tomato Sauce & G/F Pasta

As a lot of you already know, gluten is quite the enemy these days in the eyes of the health and wellness industry. A massive majority of the worlds population are gluten intolerant and many people are using their best efforts to expel gluten from their diets. Now if you’re a die hard pasta fan, and are gluten sensitive, do not dispare! I am here to tell you there are delicious alternatives, like this delicious recipe below. This recipe is also vegan friendly, so no animals were harmed 🙂

So, what is gluten? and how do I know if I am sensitive to it? Let’s dive in! Continue reading

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Practicing Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness is not only great for the soul, it allows a flood of calmness through the body, which can be great for those who tend to stress. With myself being a Type 1 Diabetic, a stressful mind can wreck havoc with my sugar levels, so I discovered an easy way to practice mindfulness that leaves me feeling satisfied, happy and ‘whole’ in a way 🙂 

Continue reading

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My Go-To, Clean and Green Living Top 7 products

I see myself as an evolving naturalist, trying to keep living as simple as possible. Within saying that, I choose to use natural alternatives in every day living.

Top 7 clean green living products Continue reading

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Marinated Kale and Mushroom Salad

So this recipe is the perfect way to pump up the alkalinity in your diet, with help from one of my biggest friends in the business, Kale. With kale being a primary ingredient, your assured to get a blast of nutrients from this powerhouse green leafy vegetable. I LOVE the fact that it’s pretty simply, and that you kinda get involved with the kale 😉

 Now kale can be tricky to work with, as it’s quite a hardy vegetable. That is why this recipe calls for marinating your kale, allowing it to soften so that you end up with this delicious end result.

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Butter Bean Patties

These patties are so quick and easy, and are always a perfect option if you’re not in the mood to be in the kitchen for too long. It involves a little grating, chopping, squishing, mixing, lightly frying or baking, and that’s pretty much it.

I’ve been using this recipe for so long now, and the great thing about it is that it is quite versatile, so you can pretty much throw in what you like.  Continue reading

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